Crossing borders in English teaching and learning: publishing and academic study

When we think of language teaching, we may automatically think about the borders between countries; but in our discipline, there are also many other kinds of borders. Innovative teachers are increasingly called upon to teach beyond physical classroom borders. Language teaching scholars also encounter boundaries between cultures and between disciplines. We therefore propose ‘crossing borders’ as a metaphor for communication that can help us understand our own self-imposed limitations as scholars and educators. ESBB attempts to encourage communication among scholars across cultures and disciplines. We encourage diverse forms of collaboration from publishers, editors, curriculum specialists, technology experts, administrators, international partners, and not least with our students as learners and researchers.

The 3rd ESBB conference will explore the diverse kinds of borders and boundaries that English teachers and scholars must negotiate to achieve success and to benefits learners.

We propose the following themes:

  • English for research publication purposes
  • Multilingual scholars in study and publication
  • Non-blind dialogic review
  • Multi/bilingual issues in language learning and linguistics
  • Codeswitching and translanguaging
  • EAP/ESP across borders
  • English literature across borders
  • Linguistics across languages and cultures
  • CLIL (Content and Language Integrated learning)/EMI (English Medium Instruction)
  • Study abroad and International exchange
  • Interdisciplinary issues in TESOL
  • Encouraging (cultural) diversity in voice and agency
  • New directions in critical thinking and reasoning
  • Using technology to cross borders
  • Migrants and refugee issues in language learning
  • Intercultural communication


Keynote speakers 

Thomas O. Beebee, Penn State University, USA (Editor of Comparative Literature Studies)
Françoise Blin, Dublin City University, Ireland (Chief editor of ReCALL Journal)
C.B. Feak, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA (Chief editor of English for Specific Purposes)
Andy Gao, University of Hong Kong, China (Chief editor of System Journal)
Hsien-Chin Liou, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
Carsten Roever, University of Melbourne, Australia (Former editor of Australian Review of Applied

Special Invited Speakers

John Adamson, University of Niigata Prefecture, Japan (Chief editor of Asian EFL Journal)
Theron Muller, University of Toyama, Japan (Lead editor of Innovating EFL Teaching in Asia; Editor of JALT Publication and Asian ESP Journal)
Roger Nunn, Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi (Chief Editor of the Asian ESP Journal)
Z.N. Patil, Emeritus Professor of Applied Linguistics (Distinguished Adviser of “Asian EFL Journal”)
Sivakumar Sivasubramaniam, University of the Western Cape, South Africa (Chief Editor of Journal of English as an International Language; Associate Editor of Asian EFL Journal)
Vijay Singh Thakur, Dhofar University, Sultanate of Oman (Associate Editor of Journal of English as an
International Language; Editor of Asia TEFL Journal and International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning)
John Unger, Georgia Gwinnett College, USA

Invited Featured Speaker

Jozef Colpaert, University of Antwerp, Belgium (Chief editor of Computer Assisted Language Learning)

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The Providence ESBB Award

At the end of the conference, the most innovative presenters will also be awarded various grand prizes, including Best Presentation Award (最佳論文發表獎) and Best Graduate Student Paper Award (最佳研究生論文獎).

About ESBB

ESBB is a strictly not-for-profit academic circle of international scholars. One of its core values is that no member may benefit financially in any way from ESBB events or activities. The website (http://www.englishscholarsbeyondborders.org/) is financed only by small and voluntary personal contributions of its members. The site is deliberately kept as simple as possible and we do not seek any sponsorship or financial support of any kind.The academic aim of our organization and our conferences is to assemble scholars from across the globe to share ideas and expand epistemological horizons. ESBB therefore emphasizes new contributions to existing knowledge and looks for connections between disciplines. While the broad background theme is always linked to English Scholarship Beyond Borders, this can be understood in the broadest possible sense as our intention is to embrace epistemological diversity in English education and research. ESBB provides guest speakers from a broad variety of locations and cultures and can also assist in consultancy work.

ESBB embraces non-blind peer review. It publishes an annual journal issue. All conference presenters are welcome to submit a paper, but must be prepared to fully engage in dialogic review of their own paper and participate in the review of one or two other papers. There is an initial screening prior to full non-blind dialogic review. There will be a presentation about this at the conference. Please contact rogercnunn@yahoo.co.uk for further information.


Sponsoring Organizations / Projects

Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C.
Office of Research and Development, Providence University
Bureau of Foreign Trade

Partner Universities 

The Language Center, Hungkuang University 弘光科技大學語言中心
Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Chienkuo Technology University 建國科技大學應用外語系
Graduate Institute of Network Learning Technology, National Central University 國立中央大學網路學習科技研究所
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Feng Chia University 逢甲大學外國語文學系
Department of Applied Foreign Languages, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology 國立雲林科技大學應用外語系
The Language Center, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology 國立雲林科技大學語言中心
Department of Applied English, Kainan University開南大學應用英語學系
National Kaohsiung Marine University國立高雄海洋科技大學
National Formosa University國立虎尾科技大學智慧型機器人系統實驗室
Holistic Education Center, Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management 耕莘健康管理專科學校全人教育中心
Department and Graduate Institute of English Language & Literature, Chinese Culture University中國文化大學英國語文學系暨碩士班


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